XVII International Coal Preparation Congress ICPC 2013

XVII International Coal Preparation Congress ICPC 2013 07.10.2013

The ceremony of transfer the rights for the next XVIII International Coal Preparation Congress to Russia has completed the event in which strive to participate professionals all around the world.

On held from 1 to 6 October in Istanbul (Turkey) Congress ICPC 2013 there were about four hundred delegates from different countries - USA, Canada, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, India, China and other. Traditionally as at the last international Congress in the USA СЕТСО was a sponsor of the ICPC 2013.
In the four eventful day scientists, practitioners, representatives of the leading coal and engineering companies have made more than a hundred reports on various themes: classification of coals; washing technology, design, organization and operation of CPP and etc.
An important decision of the International Organizational Committee was to reduce the waiting period between the activities from 4 to 3 years. Thus, the next Congress will be held in 2016 in St. Petersburg, in the walls of the oldest technical universities of the Russia - Saint-Petersburg state mining University.

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