Kemerovo region

СЕТСО Corporation provides its clients with a wide range of services such as design of new CPPs and reconstruction and modernization of existing plants. Corporation’s laboratory allows its specialists carry out research on the quality of raw materials, model work of each unit of equipment with subsequent comparative analysis of the organization of technological process for receiving optimum result.

Technologies developed by CETCO help customers to reduce expenses associated with energy, preparation process and delivery of the end product while observing safety and environmental requirements and regulations at all stages of project implementation. CETCO strictly follows the principles that have been tested at many coal preparation plants:

    • Adjustment of preparation process costs with market conditions;
    • Usage of the most effective processes of preparation, classification and coal dewatering;
    • Maximum usage of mechanical dewatering;
    • Usage of reliable and durable equipment;
    • Financial guarantees of reaching the design parameters.

CETCO’s extensive experience in coal industry, highly skilled employees and many years of successful cooperation with other leading experts in coal and mining industries allow CETCO to undertake complex projects that include technological process design, equipment procurement, installation and process automation while providing customers with guarantee of successful commissioning and reaching the design parameters.